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Status updated Dec 27, 14
Account unsynced - Une one of the following options to sync your site account with your TS3 account:
Option 1 - Click Connect
Connect to Server
Option 2 - Use Privilege Key
If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.
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Hello all! As you may have heard, I don't have time to maintain the server anymore. As such, the community will now be run by H3Y_GO_OUTSID3, Xosimos, Matisme, and Pal101. They have been working hard to setup a new server of their own design, to try new things while otherwise being a very similar experience. To reflect the changes, it was planned that the name would change to Radiant Horizons. Those of you who play FTB may have noticed their name is changing to Mystic Horizons, and yes, these names were chosen at the same time to match each other.

You can check out the new websites at rhorizons.net and mystichorizons.com. Pay attention to Radiant's site as that will tell you when the new server is officially opened.

Along with the name change, there will be new ranks and new plugins, as well as the revival of some old favorites. We hope that these changes will allow the new managers to make the server an even better experience for you. See you soon!

More 1.7.2 Support

jb_aero posted Nov 10, 13
In addition to keeping the normal server compatible with the latest clients, we are now hosting a pluginless temp server with all the 1.7 features on our creative slot. You can access this server via "/server zeoldvanilla" or by connecting to 172.zeoldcraft.com . Be aware that beds work, but you can't leave them clientside without rejoining.

Also since I've been asked this a lot, yes we are aware that chairs don't work. This is because they rely on a plugin that sends spoofed data to clients. Since there is no plugin server for 1.7 yet, there is no way for that plugin to update to be able to send the correct data. Rest assured, they will return as soon as possible.

1.7.2 Support

jb_aero posted Nov 6, 13
As is the network, we are now running protocol support for 1.7, so that those clients can connect. Of note, Bukkit has not updated to 1.7 yet, so none of the new features are available yet. THERE ARE NO SERVERS WITH PLUGINS WITH SAID FEATURES. The ETA is the same as every update. You guys have been through this many times, you should remember how it works by now.

Updated to 1.6.4

jb_aero posted Sep 23, 13

Check the FTB News tab!

jerimay posted Aug 29, 13
We now have an FTB News tab separate from this Main server News tab! Be sure and click on the FTB News tab for updated information!
We are updating FTB Unleashed to 1.1.3. due to it fixes alot of issues they overlooked the last 2 times. In order to join the server, you will need to be on version 1.1.3. of the Unleashed modpack. Hope to see you all back on the server when it's done updating. :)

Be sure to remember to re-enable Biomes O' Plenty, Power Converters, Hats, and Hat Stand.
FTB has been updated to 1.5.2. but with that update comes a new modpack. All you will need to know about getting onto the server is on this link: http://zeoldcraftftb.enjin.com/whitelist
Hope to see you all soon. Be sure to Download FTB Unleashed version 1.1.2.
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